Unwrap your inhibitions. Our tea is a gateway to new thinking. Explore the new and get ready for a sensory assault. Traditions reimagined. 

Nothing But Tea

The backbone of our fascination with Camellia Sinensis - tea. Beyond culture. In and of itself a unifying liquid commodity that is truly enjoyed all over the world. This is what we do.


Green tea gets its name from the emerald green colour created when brewing unprocessed, unfermented tea leaves. Simplicity is paramount. Our green teas are unadulterated pureness.

Green Tea

Not all tea is made the same. Modern concoctions that exude energy and vitality. Fresh, clean and vibrant dried fruits and peels that will change the way you think about fruit tea.

Fruit Tea

Orchestrated perfection. Alternative teas selected, blended and designed by us to maximise creative potential. Tea like no other.

Colour - Matcha Whisk.JPG.jpg

Master the art of tea with our essential ancillary equipment. From drink preparation to Japanese drinking vessels, our careful curation of tea apparatus will ensure you create the wow effect.